Learning to wield memory like a weapon, this is an archive of communiques and publications from before the existence of Conflict Minnesota.


08/2014 – #LetLukeGo Graffiti Spread In Minneapolis

10/2013 – Minnesota Mink Release

08/2013 – Minneapolis Fur Store Windows Smashed

11/2012 – Report on Successful Minneapolis Antifa Action: Disruption of David Irving Speaking Event

08/2012 – A Solidarity Demonstration

01/2012 – Minneapolis Reclaims Unoccupied Building

10/2011 – Solidarity Noise Demonstrations in Minneapolis

07/2010 – Minneapolis Oscar Grant Demonstration

06/2010 – Hunt Sabotaged by ARM

03/2010 – Out of the Military into the Streets

12/2009 – Twin Cities Bash Back! Continues Destroying Straight Society

11/2009 – Bashing Back in the North Star State: A Bash Back! Twin Cities Recap

12/2008 – “your felonies, your fault!”: no peace for the prosecutor of the RNC felony cases!

08/2008 – The Queens Are Cumming

04/2006 – ALF Targets Latzig Mink Ranch

05/2002 – Summary Of May Day Actions In Minneapolis

01/2002 – ELF Takes Action Against Biotechnology Research at the University of Minnesota

04/2001 – ELF Claims Responsibility For Attempted Arson At Nike Outlet Store In Albertville

02/2000 – ELF Crop Destruction At University of Minnesota

10/1999 – ELF Claim Responsibility For Sabotage on Highway 55 Construction Equipment

09/1999 – Bolt Weevils Strike Second Genetic Engineering Giant In Minnesota

09/1999 – Minnesota Bolt Weevils Attack Novartis Research


Akic̣ita Wanaġi 1 [part one] [part two]

Akic̣ita Wanaġi 2 [full pdf]

Áŋpaó Dúta 4 [part one] [part two]

Whitestone Hill Battlefield Museum Destroyed

Becoming Riot [full pdf]

Wrecking You Again For The Very First Time

The Blast 3 [part one] [part two] [part three]

Oak Park Fights

Minneapolis Dyke March Does It Again

A Commemorative History of The Minnehaha Free State and Four Oaks Spiritual Encampment [part one] [part two]

Daybreak 2 [full pdf]

Daybreak 3 [full pdf]

Angry Residents Riot As Cops Murder Again!

The Revolutionary Anarchist Bowling League (RABL)

Daybreak 4 [full pdf]

Daybreak Solves The Stadium Issue

Daybreak 5 [full pdf]

Inmates Occupy Rochester Jail

Squad Cars Collide; 3 Officers Injured As 150 Residents Taunt Them

Daybreak 6 [full pdf]

The Struggle Is Our Inheritance [full pdf]

The Dakota Uprising Of 1862

Eight Days In May. Eight Days Of Rage.

Rent Strikes On The West Bank

Power: Electrical, Political, and Popular in Rural Minnesota