Conflict Minnesota is no longer being actively updated. However, it remains online as an archive; both of itself as well as the archive of material that preceded Conflict.

Conflict Minnesota formerly hosted event info for those who are looking for friends or accomplices in the struggle for autonomy. There are alternatives, however. There is the Minneapolis Autonomous Index publicizes some relevant events every month, as well as the Twin Cities Radical Calendar which is a broader left-wing aggregator. Of course, you can always check out the nearest bulletin boards. Likewise for those organizing public events that would usually be submitted to Conflict—all of these resources remain available.

For those who read and/or wrote action reports or communiques usually published by Conflict, there remain several outlets available such as It’s Going Down. Conflict was founded with the intention of creating space to publicize acts that defied the order of this world, an important step in cracking open the pacified facade of the city. With this in mind, not only have such reports been shared via online outlets but also through physical distribution.

Lastly, Conflict Minnesota hosted a broader array of writing, often strategic or analytic, with the intention of providing space for the possibility dialogue on a larger scale. Like with action reports, there are a number of online outlets available to publish such writing, with many options available for different perspectives and purposes. Once again, there are also creative ways to put out one’s thoughts into the world through the direct physical distribution of zines, flyers, posters, or something else.

If Conflict Minnesota, or simply the counter-information model upon which it is based, resonated strongly with you, it is a simple project to take on yourself. It’s Going Down provides a helpful guide for getting started.