E.L.F. Claims Responsibility For Attempted Arson At Nike Outlet Store In Albertville, MN

From the Earth Liberation Front

Take Actions Against Globalization Now!!!

The Earth Liberation Front has very recently paid a visit to a Nike outlet in the town of Albertville, MN. This visit was in solidarity with all people of all nations to fight globalization, and to support the growing anti global sentiment. This is also a call for direct action against globalization in solidarity with all of the anti FTAA actions scheduled in Canada later this month.

After witnessing first hand the treacherous conditions that Nike workers experience daily in sweatshops around the world, it was decided that no NGO organization, could have the immediate impact necessary to end conditions that exist currently at any sweatshop.

Instead, direct action is more efficient tactic to stop Nike in their footsteps. Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, the visit was short, and although the plan was to destroy the roof, only minor damages were sustained.

Although the roof of this Nike outlet did not go up in flames as planned, this action is still a message to Nike they cannot ignore. In fact, there are only two options for Nike at this point. Option 1.- you can shut down all of your sweatshops immediately, and immediately place all assets into the communities that you have stolen from. Along with this, you must close down all Nike outlets, starting with the Albertville, MN location (you are especially not welcome in this town!!!)… Or, option 2.- people across the globe will individually attack Nike outlets, as well as retailers that sell Nike (including college campus shops) until Nike closes down, or adheres to demand #1.

It is important to point out to Nike that the violence they use against the poor, and especially those that do all the work for them will only be met with violence towards what they hold dearest… They’re pocket books. all E.L.F. actions are non violent towards humans and animals. But if a building exists which perpetrates, and sponsors violence towards people or animals (such as a Nike outlet, or a Gap outlet, etc.), then by god, it’s got to be burned to the ground!!! the E.L.F. wholeheartedly condones the use of violence towards inanimate objects to prevent oppression, violence, and most of all to protect freedom. Direct action is a wonderful tool to embrace on the road to liberation.