Out of the Military into the Streets

From Bash Back News

On the night of February 10th crews of anarcha-queers glamdalized a army reserve  complex, an army recruiting center and two navy recruiting centers in the Twin Cities with posters that read “Queers Out of the Military! (We Need You in the Streets.) BASH BACK!“ with a picture of Silvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson and a comic of a soldier saying, “What? But I feel so Gay Liberated when I kill people in the third world!”

We carried this out for many reasons.

For one, it was fun.

Secondly, the posters are purty and we wanted to share them with the world.

But most importantly, we are utterly disgusted by assimilationist queers who want to join in the imperialist pillaging and occupation of other peoples’ lands and commit atrocities on behalf of the state and gross corporations.

Obama potentially abolishing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the near future and the clamoring of mainstream GLBT groups for that sort of “equality” makes us want to vomit.

Queers (and everyone else!) should be working to smash the state not join in military conquest and occupation.

flyerWe also carried out this action in solidarity with the Direct Action to Stop War and Occupation unpermitted march in Minneapolis on Thursday February 11th.

Love and Rage,

an autonomous cell of Bash Back! Twin Cities