Summary Of May Day Actions In Minneapolis

From Twin Cities Indymedia

The May Day march began with labor, politicians, anarchists, and socialists together. Everyone marched and demonstrated outside the American Express building, where the radical cheerleaders gave us some cheers. A banner was dropped in a skyway that read “Hate has no home here”. Seven cops on horseback gathered at the opposite corner of the building. The march split into two—the anarchists continuing on an illegal march, everyone else staying on the permitted rally. For 45 minutes, the anarchists obstructed traffic while shouting “Happy International Worker’s Day!” to observers. In one intersection, the group ganged up on a corporate media reporter. But soon they started running through the streets, racing each other to the next intersection. The marchers finished the march by playing games on the lawn of a corporate building.

Throughout the demonstration, the police watched from behind, and did not confront the group. At one time, the police coned off a street for demonstrators. The anarchists cheered as the police waved them through.