Against The Smart City

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

Starting April 20th, Hennepin County will be test driving a new self-driving, “smart” shuttle bus over the weekend. They chose a portion of the greenway bike path that passes through the heavily gentrified Uptown to demonstrate what is to come for other sections of the city slated for similar lines of development—as a laboratory of future control.

On the night before they unveiled their project to their corporate partners, some antagonists hung a banner right in the shuttle’s path, with the intention of physically blocking the sensors of the shuttle, thwarting the test, if only for a moment. Against The Smart City! it declares.

While touted as progress, there are still those of us who see these projects as only the further deepening of the desert. As our cities become increasingly automated, this process attempts to eclipse not only the possibilities of revolt, but even that of a life of anything but its perpetual (re)production. These automated shuttles will be yet another vehicle for funneling citizens between where the work, shop, and sleep, as mindlessly as the shuttle which carries them.

This action was intended to demonstrate that these projects will face resistance. It was simple to carry out and took very little planning. The smart city is fragile, and opportunities for disruption are everywhere. While their fantasy is to build a terrain where all that can happen is what has already been predicted and planned, we know that fundamentally life cannot be reduced to data and in its flux escapes prediction and control. Don’t wait for others to take action for you. Take it yourselves.

Warmed By La ZAD

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

We met under the statue of Emiliano Zapata for this simple gesture on the second day (or third night) of the resistance to the eviction attempt by a small army of pigs against La ZAD (Zone to Defend) in Notre-Dame-des-Landes. It’s still winter in Minnesota and although there’s snow on the ground we’ve been feeling so near to you at La ZAD that we’ve felt warmed. Not only now, but since we learned of your beautiful existence, of this world which we believe is also a part of us too. We send you love and strength now and always.

All power to the communes!

ZAD Forever!

Tout le monde déteste la police!

 – Your Friends

Love & Strength To La ZAD

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

Over the weekend a banner was hung in so-called Minneapolis reading Defend la ZAD. We take this opportunity to send a message of strength to the ZAD occupants on the eve of their eviction. The autonomous zone established in France has been the source of endless inspiration for rebels near and far—it will live on, regardless of what happens on Monday.

Solidarity with the Revolution in Rojova

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

In connection to the International day of Solidarity with Rojova on March 24th several posters went up in and around Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis, MN. The posters are a reminder of the struggles of Kurdish revolutionaries in Rojova. Several posters have a call out that was published after the city of Afrin was taken over by the Turkish state on March 18th, 2018 and calls for international solidarity and action in English, Spanish and Kurdish.

Death to Fascism!

Death to all States!

Defend the Revolution in Rojova!

Against The Super Bowl And Its World

From It’s Going Down

With frozen hands we reappropriated this city’s infrastructure to cast a few words of cold insurrection. A desire to set it all on fire sits just adjacent to the light-rail (which is dressed up as a carriage for the super rich—only Super Bowl ticket holders can ride this weekend!). An ode to the ZAD hangs above 35w from a bridge in South Minneapolis, welcoming tourists to a temporarily sterile downtown (they relocated the homeless for this special event). Helicopters flying over head, tanks on the ground—this is a sneak peak of a militarized police state. Lets not go down without a fight. Against the Super Bowl and its world!

 – some anarchists

Can’t Freeze Us Out

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

On New Year’s Eve an assorted crew of rebels braved the sub-zero temperatures in Minneapolis and met in a park downtown to participate in the decade-old tradition of showing people behind bars some love. A small crowd accompanied by percussion instruments and a sound system made their way to the youth jail. After a brisk walk, we arrived at the jail blasting music for everyone locked up inside. Very soon the first heads started popping up in the narrow windows. We greeted those inside with chants of “Burn all the jails, burn all the prisons, just make sure the cops are in ’em!” and “free the kids!” After the short dance party, we moved on before police arrived. We headed back to the park and dispersed into the night. Even though it was a small gathering, we showed love and solidarity to those who can’t celebrate the New Year with their friends and loved ones, letting them know they are not alone.

Cops Protect Rape Row

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

Dear Pigs, We know you liked the glitter and all, but we want our banner back!

Cops protect Rape Row.

Cops are rapists too.

Solidarity with Anna

The banner drop near UMN Rape Row (aka “Frat Row”) drew almost immediate pig attention this weekend. And for all the attention it drew, we can be sure someone was raped there this weekend, as they are every weekend. The toxic frat culture encourages disrespect and sexual violation, and the Greek Life codes prohibit sororities from hosting parties, which creates a power imbalance by giving frats control of social situations. Police protect frat houses with “under the table” agreements with the Greek community, such as not shutting down frat parties even though they are well aware of the countless underage drinkers that attend. This allows a perfect haven for rapists to hunt.

Anna Chambers isn’t the first and unfortunately won’t be the last victim-survivor of police rape. The police state churns out sexual violation—every body cavity search is rape, prisoners are assaulted every day and at risk for sexual abuse by guards. We also know that sex workers are regularly abused by police. Just back in September a Minneapolis pig was arrested for assaulting his son’s girlfriend, and we can be sure that many more assaults go unreported.

We believe Anna Chambers & we’ll continue fighting for the end of police and frats.

Solidarity With The Olympia Commune

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

As news of the raid on the Olympia commune reached us, we decided to share a gesture of solidarity carried out in so-called Minneapolis.

We adorned the walls of our city with posters echoing the words of the brave communards on the west coast.

Long live the commune

Minneapolis Police Substation Vandalized

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

I love finding these little acts of rebellion that disrupt our views as this empire crumbles. With the Super Bowl around the corner, the city plans to turn the streets into a “clean zone” and a massive police state security zone. Let’s use what we can to continue to disrupt the view with tags, banners, flyers, stickers, paint, and all forms of unauthorized art to remind them we live here!

Shamhain Anti-Gentrification Riots 2017

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

Hi y’all! Hope you all had an extra spooky/scary/witchy/wild Samhain/Halloween last night. Occupied south Minneapolis sure did! For all 500 or so people who were there last night this will be kinda dull and mild retelling of what went down last night.

It all began as the sun set around 5:18 pm. 500-1000 people gathered in south Minneapolis to celebrate the end of a season and the coming of a new darker one. As people gathered in Powderhorn Park, cops immediately attacked the super spooky crowd, but because of everyone feeling super empowered in their Halloween costumes the crowd repelled the attack and lit up a couple cop cars in short order. Families and friends were seen dancing around the burning cop car hand in hand laughing and gigglling.

Following that celebration the crowd now numbering at least 10,000-50,000 decided spontaneously and without leadership to go after all of the naughty gentrifying businesses in that neighborhood. Paint was hurled using simple garden pump spray tanks filled with house paint, water and paint thinner, which can be easily procured from local hardware stores free of cost. In total 4 yuppie coffee shop windows and several bus stop adverts for real estate brokers were filled with beautiful Halloween paint.

A comrade in the crowd wearing a super cute Demogorgon Stranger Things costume was quoted as saying “everyone should attack gentrifying businesses in occupied south Minneapolis it’s fun easy and good for the community.” 😍

Fuck Kroll. Fuck 12.

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

This was spotted in the MPD Union’s parking lot the weekend before Halloween.

Fuck Kroll.

Fuck 12.

May we end the MPD’s reign of horror and the so-called “union” that protects the killer cops who terrorized our streets. Much love to those who continue to resist in every way possible.

Minnesota Remembers Scout Schultz: Abolish All Police

Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

We remember Scout Schultz with love in our hearts and fiery passion for continuing their work.

Scout’s murder was premeditated by the violent policing apparatus that operates on our campuses and is enabled by liberal institutions in the name of “safety”. Let us be clear, there can be no safety at our universities while there is a publicly-funded, armed gang that roams our campuses providing security to fascists, protecting rapists, harassing and killing queer, disabled, indigenous folks, and targeting people of color at large. Our campus lies on stolen native land, and as young, queer radicals we stand in solidarity with the struggle of Scout Schultz and their comrades in fighting for communities and space free from the brutalizing capitalist security apparatus that binds us. Through community self-defense and mutual aid, we’re building the networks of support and resistance that enable us to fight back. Minnesota nice is for comrades—not cops and their sympathizers.

Rest in power Scout. This ain’t over.

Please share and contribute to the legal fund for those arrested protesting Scout’s murder.