Far-Right Mural Vandalized on Earth Day

From It’s Going Down

On the night of Earth Day the far-Right front group CFACT’s University of Minnesota mural was targeted with painted eggs. It seemed like an appropriate type of message to send them at the beginning of spring. Was it the Easter Bunny? Who knows?

We see through their psuedo-ecological front as the mural says “Free Market – Free Speech” and “Prosperity – Liberty – Nature.” The message is quite ironic considering the concept of Market and Prosperity are at war with Nature and Liberty or to say more simply that Capitalism exploits the Earth and All life that inhabits it.

They are funded by far-Right big oil billionaire bigots such as the Koch brothers whom are consistently destroying the earth. Over the past few years CFACT has brought many far-Right scumbag speakers to speak at the U of M such as Lauren Southern, Jeff Sessions, and Ben Shapiro. All have been met with opposition, but has is it been enough? We must shut these bigots down at all costs.

In a time of social, political, and environmental degradation the stakes are high. The situation calls for war against those who oppress us, against those who cage us, against those who seek to destroy us but we cannot only act in isolation. We call on you to join us whenever and wherever we can in solidarity, conspiracy, and revolt. We are together in random acts of liberation but also we are long overdue to meet in mass for the final collective act of revolution. We call on all people to come together to step it up fight back against all the forces of oppression. To carry out more acts of liberation, To organize, to disrupt, to destroy, to love, and to create a new world of true liberation for all.