Conflict Support Panel: Engaging With Conflict in Resistance

From TC Radical Calendar

Saturday, June 23rd

Redeemer Lutheran Church ELCA

1800 Glenwood Ave

1:00 PM

Conflict is a very real part of our movements. It is a beautiful and complicated thing when people from different backgrounds, with varying relationships, life circumstances, and experiences of oppression and privilege come together to resist a pipeline. This event explores how we can interact with the dynamics of conflict and trauma while relating to each other in this work. The panel consists of people with a diversity of training and experience around conflict. We hope that participants will also bring their own experiences to this discussion. We seek to build capacity with others working on Line 3 resistance and increase our abilities to support individuals and groups experiencing conflict, because supporting conflict is crucial to the health and longevity of our movements.

Meet the panelists:

Dyno is a conflict mediator from New York with a special interest in transforming environmental movements’ relationships with conflict.

Molly Glasgow is a body worker who trains organizers in how to engage with trauma and build resilience.

Nicole Ektnitphong is a facilitator, trainer, and community organizer rooted in building out liberation and dignity within ourselves and our communities. Nicole‘s approach brings together participant–centered education, body–based wisdom, and her experience as an organizer.

Organized by the Line 3 Resistance Project, contact us at conflictsupport [at]