Call For An Anti-Line 3 Legal Collective

From TC Radical Calendar

Monday, June 25th

Walker Church

3104 16th Ave S

6:30 PM

If Line 3 is not stopped in the halls of government, we can expect a protracted campaign of resistance in the fields, forests and cities of Minnesota and beyond. With the goal of building movements that are capable of taking on giant infrastructure projects such as Line 3, we must prepare for the use of criminal charges by the state in their attempts to dismantle and neutralize resistance. To that end we invite you to join us in the creation of a legal support collective for the Line 3 resistance campaign.

The goals for such a collective would include:

– Helping coordinate legal trainings for people working against Line 3

– Tracking arrests and providing support to defendants as they navigate the legal system

– Recruiting high quality lawyers that are familiar with cases of this nature and connecting them with defendants

– Coordinating legal defense strategies amongst defendants to the extent that they want to

РFundraising for bail, lawyers and other expenses that come with the state’s use of the law to stifle resistance

This call is for anyone who is interested in supporting anti-Line 3 criminal defendants.

No experience with the legal system is necessary.