Stop Line 3: Benefit For The Makwa Initiative

From Moon Palace Books

Sunday, August 5th

Moon Palace Books

3032 Minnehaha Ave

8:00 PM

Line 3. It’s no good for you, it’s no good for me, and most importantly it’s no good to the Native population that will be directly affected by the Public Utility Commissions decision to allow Enbridge to build it right across their land. Water and food are being destroyed, wildlife is being displaced and humans are being forced to fight a hard battle just to retain what is rightfully theirs to begin with. Please join us for a night of unity and music as we try to raise funds and awareness for this travesty and ongoing struggle.

With musical performances by:

Thomas X

The Pretendians

Hellish View

Aaaaaaaand DJing by the amazing MixieD

This is sure to be a great night. Come catch some killer music, make new friends and support a worthy cause!

This show WILL START AT 8! MUST END BY 11!
Admission will be $6-10 (or more if you can spare it for the cause!!!)

Prison Strike Info Night & Banner Making

From #PrisonStrikeMpls

Thursday, August 9th

Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave S

6:00 PM – Info Night

Come learn about the upcoming strike against prison slavery. Beginning August 21st, prisoners across the country will come together to resist their confinement.

7:30 PM – Banner Making

Paint banners with solidarity messages for the prison strike. Afterwards, people are encouraged to drop the banners around town.

Beyond Psychiatry and Self Care: Approaching New Pathways In Mental Health

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

Thursday, July 19th

Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave S

6:00 PM

Many of us are familiar with some ideas, images, or theories of madness, “mental illness”, and perhaps also psychiatry, but feel a lingering skepticism and doubt about what they mean.

Sasha Durakov (of the Belli Research Institute) will be doing a reading, a discussion, and debuting an annotated bibliography of free texts on madness, mental health, psychiatry, and mental illness. He will attempt to challenge common beliefs about mental health; present the problem of
madness in an open, nuanced way informed by the voices and stories of people with lived experience; and to introduce the audience to alternative ways of responding to and approaching madness and to provide the materials and direction to help foster new discussions and practices in mental health (and hopefully some reading groups!).

Info Night And Letter Writing For The Vaughn 17

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

Tuesday, July 3rd

Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave S

7:00 PM

On February 1, 2017, inmates at the James T Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware took control of their unit and held staff hostage in an uprising that lasted eighteen hours. They explained their actions as motivated by their conditions of confinement as well as the election of Donald Trump as President. One prison guard, Steven Floyd, was killed by inmates during the uprising. Sixteen prisoners are now facing first degree murder charges and two others are facing other charges related to the riot.

Letter writing materials and support literature will be provided.

Call For An Anti-Line 3 Legal Collective

From TC Radical Calendar

Monday, June 25th

Walker Church

3104 16th Ave S

6:30 PM

If Line 3 is not stopped in the halls of government, we can expect a protracted campaign of resistance in the fields, forests and cities of Minnesota and beyond. With the goal of building movements that are capable of taking on giant infrastructure projects such as Line 3, we must prepare for the use of criminal charges by the state in their attempts to dismantle and neutralize resistance. To that end we invite you to join us in the creation of a legal support collective for the Line 3 resistance campaign.

The goals for such a collective would include:

– Helping coordinate legal trainings for people working against Line 3

– Tracking arrests and providing support to defendants as they navigate the legal system

– Recruiting high quality lawyers that are familiar with cases of this nature and connecting them with defendants

– Coordinating legal defense strategies amongst defendants to the extent that they want to

– Fundraising for bail, lawyers and other expenses that come with the state’s use of the law to stifle resistance

This call is for anyone who is interested in supporting anti-Line 3 criminal defendants.

No experience with the legal system is necessary.


Conflict Support Panel: Engaging With Conflict in Resistance

From TC Radical Calendar

Saturday, June 23rd

Redeemer Lutheran Church ELCA

1800 Glenwood Ave

1:00 PM

Conflict is a very real part of our movements. It is a beautiful and complicated thing when people from different backgrounds, with varying relationships, life circumstances, and experiences of oppression and privilege come together to resist a pipeline. This event explores how we can interact with the dynamics of conflict and trauma while relating to each other in this work. The panel consists of people with a diversity of training and experience around conflict. We hope that participants will also bring their own experiences to this discussion. We seek to build capacity with others working on Line 3 resistance and increase our abilities to support individuals and groups experiencing conflict, because supporting conflict is crucial to the health and longevity of our movements.

Meet the panelists:

Dyno is a conflict mediator from New York with a special interest in transforming environmental movements’ relationships with conflict.

Molly Glasgow is a body worker who trains organizers in how to engage with trauma and build resilience.

Nicole Ektnitphong is a facilitator, trainer, and community organizer rooted in building out liberation and dignity within ourselves and our communities. Nicole‘s approach brings together participant–centered education, body–based wisdom, and her experience as an organizer.

Organized by the Line 3 Resistance Project, contact us at conflictsupport [at]

The Gentleman Bank Robber

From TC Radical Calendar

Wednesday, June 6th

Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater

810 W Lake St

6:00 PM

A film screening of The Gentleman Bank Robber, a film by Julie Perini, and a panel discussion to follow (panelists TBA).

The Gentleman Bank Robber is a portrait of revolutionary rita bo brown, a white working class butch from rural Oregon who became known as “The Gentleman Bank Robber” for combining her butch style of dress with a polite way of demanding funds from bank tellers. The film moves between everyday moments with bo in and around her current home in Oakland, California, and historical retelling of the events of bo’s extraordinary life through interviews with bo and her collaborators, archival materials, and rare social movement ephemera. The Gentleman Bank Robber weaves together personal and political perspectives on 20th century social movement histories, including queer liberation in the 1960s; militant, underground activity with the George Jackson Brigade in the 1970s, a revolutionary prison abolitionist group; political prisoner support work in the 1980s, and prison activist work into the present day. bo brown is a model for how to lead a life of committed activism while maintaining a sense of humor and humanity.

Doors at 6pm. Film at 7 sharp.

Sliding scale admission 3-12 dollars, costs split between the venue and bo brown’s health care.

Info Night On La Zad

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

Thursday, May 10th

Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave S

7:00 PM

On April 9th, 2018, the French state began evicting the liberated territory known as la zad, an experimental commune across 4,000 acres of wetlands, fields, and forests. The land is occupied for nearly a decade by local farmers, villagers, activists, naturalists, squatters, and more. Thousands of officers accompanied by armored vehicles have flooded the zone, and demolished dozens of homes. It is only thanks to the brave resistance of the zadists that the entire territory has not been destroyed.

Come learn more about la zad and the struggle to defend it.

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief On The Road

From Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

Wednesday, May 2nd

Walker Church

3104 16th Ave S

6:00 PM

Part One: Protectors v. Profiteers (South Side)

An illustrated presentation about disaster capitalism and the rising resistance to it.

Thursday, May 3rd

UROC, Room 105

2001 Plymouth Ave N

6:00 PM

Part One: Protectors v. Profiteers (North Side)

An illustrated presentation about disaster capitalism and the rising resistance to it.

Friday, May 4th

Walker Church

3104 16th Ave S

1:00 PM

Part Two: Giving Our Best, Ready For The Worst

A participatory workshop about solidarity, building grassroots power, and community organizing as disaster preparedness.

Two Spirit, Trans, and Womxn’s Action Camp in So-Called Minnesota

From Earth First! Newswire

Anti Line 3 Action Camp (+ long term encampment with no cis doods*!)

A direct action camp with workshops, skill shares and comraderie for people who identify as two-spirit, womxn, trans &/or gender variant to come together, establish a resistance camp & fight the patriarchy!

Interested in attending, set up, training or facilitation? Email

The action camp is May 31st – June 5th but will continue on to be a long term encampment. Have you ever wanted to live in a pipeline resistance camp with no cis doods? Well this is your chance!

Come throw down in occupied Anishinaabe territory! So-called northern Minnesota.

Please bring your own shelter and a dog leash if you have a dog.

*Cis dood: someone who identifies with the gender of ‘male’ that they were assigned at birth

Who We Are

  • We are a collective of individuals, not a non-profit. We oppose the non-profit industrial complex, capitalism, white supremacy and heteropatriarchy.
  • We are a group of non-cis male people who have been fighting Line 3 and although we are not indigenous led, we focus on uplifting indigenous voices and being fiercely anti-colonial.
  • We operate through a consensus decision making process which will include daily check ins with the entire group at TTWAC.

Our Agreements

  • Cis men are core to the oppression of two-spirt, trans and gender variant folks and womxn. This is our space to be away from them, build skills and fight with a clear mind.
  • Our fight is not just against Line 3, it is to build a liberated future for TTW, black, indigenous and POC folks (The current Line 3 movement has emulated racism, patriarchy and transphobia in many ways and we intend to make a space hostile to these).
  • Thus, those who have or do make TTW and POC folks feel unsafe are not welcome.
  • We are hostile to cultural appropriation, sexism, racism, ableism and all oppressive isms.
  • Physical/sexual assault and abuse is not permitted at all. Perpetrators will be kicked out with no second chances. Other conflicts can be mediated through the conflict team.

Punishment Park – Film Screening

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

Thursday, April 19th

Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave S

6:00 PM

“…an indictment against the United States.”

With escalating political unrest, a state of emergency is declared giving law enforcement the power to arrest anyone judged to be a security risk. Captured dissidents are given the option of participating in Punishment Park, where they have to fight for their lives as they are hunted down by the forces of law and order.

Prisoner Letter Writing Nights 2018

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

Third Thursdays

Walker Church

3104 16th Ave S

6:00 PM

Prisoner letter writing night is back! The third Thursday of every month at Walker Community Church from 6-8pm.

In hosting this event we will provide, monthly, a prisoner to write to who is generally referred to as a political prisoner, particularly/often around the time of their birthday in order to send them well wishes and cards—or if they’re undergoing tough times, etc.

Feel free to write in advance if you’d like, just know that sometimes the addresses are subject to change and it’s always good to check the address in advance.

However, we’re also hoping that this letter writing night will encourage folks to come prepared to engage in sustained relationships with folks locked up. We’re open to providing names of folks to write in the event that someone doesn’t have a pen pal but wants one.

Bring yr own envelopes and stamps if ya have em, if not, we’ll provide. Additionally, we have a p.o. box if you feel uncomfortable giving your home address as the return.

until all are free,

An Anti-Fascist’s Experiences From Eastern Europe

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

Saturday, April 7th

Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave S

6:00 PM

In the last few years we have seen the far right taking more public space, in the news and in the streets of the U.S. Obviously there is a need to organize against it and increasingly people are seeing anti-fascism as a way to do that. To make our organizing more effective we should take into account experiences from other contexts. This presentation will be a critical introduction to the history of anti-fascism mostly in Russia but also Belarus and Ukraine spanning the last few decades. The talk will ask some critical questions and reflect on comrades’ experiences in Eastern Europe. What tactics, strategies, and organizing have been most useful? How do anti-fascist actions influence the anarchist movement, and does this collision with fascists change our collectives? How can we avoid ‘antifa’ becoming just another youth subculture and not a broader political movement? In Russia, how was it possible that anti-fascism became an essential part of state ideology, with clear conservative connotations? What actually is anti-fascism, and how can anarchists relate to such an ambiguous concept? Questions will be raised and discussion moderated by a visiting anarchist comrade from Russia.

To Those Mad, Sick, Crip Selves

From Triple Canopy

Thursday, March 8th

Third Rail Quarterly

1237 Fourth St NE

7:00 PM

Can we imagine a doctor-patient relationship based on collaboration and trust, on a more holistic view of the patient? How can we conceive of the care we give and receive from others as being enmeshed with our political futures? In their recently published epistolary essay, “Letter to a Young Doctor,” Johanna Hedva reminds us of the importance of “finding a way toward healing—which is to say finding the way that is healing—but also toward how political resistance might work, toward justice.”

For To Those Mad, Sick, Crip Selves, Hedva will read excerpts from “Letter to A Young Doctor,” which is part of This Earth Our Hospital, a book in progress that consists of a series of essays and performances meditating on the politics of sickness, disability, and healing. They will also read from their forthcoming novella, On Hell, which envisions the insurrectionary potential of the crip, queer, sick body. The reading will be followed by a discussion moderated by Triple Canopy senior editor Lara Mimosa Montes.

Worshipping Power: A Discussion with the Author

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

Thursday, February 15th

Walker Church

3104 16th Ave S

6:30 PM

Worshiping Power: An Anarchist Vision of Early State Formation
Released by AK Press
Written by Peter Gelderloos, author of How Nonviolence Protects the State and Anarchy Works

This book attempts to answer the question of where states came from and why, looking at the causes of state formation and tracing different pathways of state development. How did the State co-evolve with different models of the family, religion, warfare, commerce, and economic production?

The arguments presented counter the typical explanations that are dominant in society at large as well as in anticapitalist movements, revealing state formation as a constant process with certain patterns but without any single motor or dialectic. It is also a completely reversible process, as many societies have destroyed their states once it became clear how oppressive they were.

The talk would give a few examples to illustrate the breadth of possible pathways of state formation, as well as the importance of patriarchy to the process, and then focus on the emergence of democracy and the modern State, as the most relevant concern for people today who go up against state power in their struggle for a better world.