Anti-colonial Land Defense and Allies Stop Work at Enbridge Pipeline Site

From Earth First! Newswire

Anti-colonial Land Defense & members of Anonymous Twin Ports successfully shut down an ACTIVE Enbridge worksite today near Wawina MN, resulting with ALL Enbridge employees leaving the site, a total stoppage of ALL work, & NO arrests incurred! Pre-construction IS construction, so STOP ALL CONSTRUCTION on Line 3! Today we also adorned fluorescent yellow & orange work vests in solidarity with the rad folk in so-called France throwin’ down super hard as well!


We mess with Enbridge and their workers on a daily basis; it costs them money EVERY time we disrupt & EVERY time Enbridge or the police have to respond to us- even on integrity digs and old Line 3 work (this one near Wawina)…we say, “No business as usual,” & we won’t stop until Enbridge stops, we support a diversity of tactics, & today we are shutting down work & not with the intent of getting arrested, as it is NOT always necessary to be effective, but we recognize there are many levels & layers to tactic escalation…. the racist colonial prison industrial complex does not need to be fed with more POC (people of color), nor do we need to repetitively employ tactics that expend a lot of the struggle’s resources and only minimally stop construction or not at all. We believe we can be as effective in many ways, including resisting creatively, & staying free to roam & kick ass as long as possible… we positively weigh risk-ability over arrestability, but simultaneously stand in constant SOLIDARITY with all our comrades-regardless of tactics chosen- in our resistance against the destructive white supremacist colonial capitalist status quo! Everyone is needed as well as all the tools in the toolbox!

No Line 3!
No Pipelines, mines or other racist resource colonialism EVER!