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Why does no one want to be a cop anymore? Because everyone is being such big meanies to them. At least, that’s what City Pages claims in the truly repulsive cover story of their latest issue, written by head editor Pete Kolz. Now if we wanted to convince you that this article is awful we could write many paragraphs dispelling all of the fucked up mystifications and outright bullshit crammed into it. We could slot in many examples, such as how it opens with a tear-jerking rendition of the racist and factually inaccurate myth of cops being the first line of defense for Western civilization against the barbarian hordes, liable to be gunned down at any moment by some ethnically-ambiguous youth, (ignoring the fact that being a cop isn’t even in the top 15 most dangerous professions in this country, just barely edging out grounds maintenance workers, who we are sure will be getting their sympathetic cover story in City Pages next week). Or we could delve into the fact that Petey sympathetically quotes Minneapolis Lt. Bob Kroll at length on the crisis of the “noble profession” 🤮 and about how frightened the trainings designed to make him scared of dark figures haunting the city streets made him feel. We’re sure Pete intended to mention Kroll’s infamous tenure as head of the Minneapolis police union, or, you know, the fact that he is an outed white supremacist. His editor must have just cut that part out because of space constraints; oh, wait…

Honestly though, we’re gonna save our time and yours and stop the rant about how bad the article is there. You can read it yourself, if you’re down with that kinky rage-reading shit like we are. Besides we’ve got something more fun in mind, a little game called #CityPagesIsCancelled. People have been playing this game for a little bit now, inspired by the publication’s previous fucked up takes on sex work, the surveillance state, and of course the police. This latest issue though really calls for us to step it up and start the largest round ever seen. The rules couldn’t be simpler: just walk into any store or bar that carries everyone’s favorite local ‘alternative’ weekly, pick up their stack and leave. It really couldn’t be easier, as no store clerk gives a shit about someone taking all the free newspapers, and usually those little racks are by the door out of sight anyway. Once you leave dump them in the next recycling bin you see (cause we’re eco-friendly like that), or light them up if you really want to go for those bonus points. Then don’t forget to document and share, cause virality is what we’re all about these days, right? And just like that you win, we win, and City Pages and Pete Kolz and the cops lose. Because while we would point out to Kolz that there are probably more reasons that people don’t want to be cops, reasons having to do with their position as upholders of a fucked-up enslaving, genocidal, ecocidal social order, we’d like to hope that he’s not totally off base, and that by making the lives of cops and their apologists just slightly more miserable we can throw a wrench into the workings of their terrible machine. If being mean to the police and their faithful defenders can bring on a recruitment crisis, then let’s get mean!

So go out there and get cracking, the game begins now! Move your feet, cause the longer you wait the harder it’s gonna be to rack up points. This very moment someone could be headed to your favorite ‘alternative’ hangout to incinerate those copies that should be yours! Go, go, out into this balmy spring day! #CityPagesIsCanceled #BeMeanToCops

Liaisons Discussion Group

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota


University of Minnesota

415 Blegen Hall

6:30 PM

Liaisons gathers revolutionary writing from around the world. As an inclination, tangent, and crossroads of links and confrontations, Liaisons assembles analyses and theorizations from the ongoing struggles of affiliated groups who seek a common ground. In this worn out age, where throughout the world the same collapse resounds, Liaisons circulates thoughts, dreams, testimonies and experiences in an attempt to grasp the planetary reverberation of a sensibility our friendships hold in common.

Copies of the journal will be available at Boneshaker Books.

More info: liaisonshq.com

New Year’s Eve Ruckus Outside Minneapolis Juvie

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

Every year, people around the world gather outside of jails, prisons, and other detention centers and make noise to remember those who can’t celebrate the new year with the rest of us. This year, a small crowd gathered outside the juvie in downtown Minneapolis and set off a number of loud, colorful fireworks for those locked up to enjoy. When the fireworks ended, the crowd dispersed into the cold winter night.

This year, prisoners across Minnesota have really raised the bar for what resistance can mean. While there was no reported activity around the August 21st strike, numerous brave acts of rebellion were taken all year by those who refused to be treated as slaves. Assaults on guards have taken place at a number of prisons and jails since March up until the last days of the year. Even the vast repression following the death of a prison guard at rebel hands did not dampen their resistance, which also manifested in a more than one hundred-strong collective work refusal on the last day of November. Meanwhile, the state and the prison guard’s union are working hand in hand to find the most efficient ways to deprive these prisoners of their dignity. It is up to all of us to rise to this occasion—to really demonstrate what it means to have the backs of those on held captive by the state. Of course, no single action could ever accomplish this task.

New Year’s Eve is also for us. It can be a measure of our own collective capacity; the potential of our relationships as they grow over time to manifest as a force in the streets. It is a place where we can develop a tactical intelligence, without needing to attend to the urgency of a social rupture. Not least of all, we establish new traditions that constitute the emergent worlds we are building.

Here’s to many more manifestations of these worlds in 2019.

Until every prison is ashes under our feet.

Blockade of Sibley Park Lights Display & Symbolic Hanging of Lincoln in Honor of 38+2

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

156 years: Remembrance of Dakota 38(+2)

Mankato, MN—On December 26th, 2018, a tripod with a noose around an Abraham Lincoln figure was erected at so-called “Sibley Park.” The banner dropped from a nearby railway bridge reads “Hangman’s Park” with a large noose in the middle of the banner. “What happened to our ancestors here and afterword was a heinous crime against humanity, and was apart of an inhumane campaign to remove and ultimately eliminate Dakota people from the newly formed state ‘Minnesota.'” We mourn for the 40 Dakota people who were hung today 156 years ago, but also the hundreds of prisoners who were kept against their will, and thousands of Dakota people held captive and forced to march out of Minnesota. Where we stand is named after General Sibley, who played a major role in the Dakota wars of 1862 and with Abraham Lincoln’s support, sent 38 Dakota men to be lynched in the largest execution in United States history” says a masked ALD member.
During 1862, tensions were high between Dakota people and the settlers that forced themselves onto Dakota territory. The treaties made with the Dakota’s restricted people to land that was not sustainable for survival. These unfair treaties were often not understood by signatories, but through bribery and warfare, the United States Government forced signatures to documents that left Dakota people with no choice, other than to fight for survival. The Minnesota regiment took orders from Gen. Sibley who Governor Ramsey told the regiment to carry out with atrocities against Dakota people that if happened today, would be considered a genocidal and ethnocidal act.

“There is not an accurate number of the lives lost during the westward expansion of the colonial state, and so we tied red prayer ties to the top of this tripod to represent the blood that was shed, as well as the deaths President Lincoln, Governor Ramsey, and General Sibley, are responsible for. These men are war criminals and should not be celebrated.” said another masked ALD member as the tripod is erected. Echoes of “Blood is on your hands” and “Dakota 38 = genocide” are chanted by people who have gathered around the tripod. People hold signs reading “Remember Dakota 38 +2”.

The aftermath of the war led to an immediate formation of a military commision that sentenced over 300 Dakota to death by hanging. Most of the Dakota being tried, did not speak English, nor did any have any counsel defending them. Also, the military commision consisted of those who had fought in the war against the Dakotas and had obvious biases against the people who were being tried. In retrospect, many believe the military commision was illegitimate, but that did not stop Abraham Lincoln from reviewing the convictions, as it was a “military proceeding”. Abraham Lincoln was commander and cheif, as well as an established lawyer. He knew the illegitimacy of the military commission and could have proceeded differently, yet instead of releasing them all, he sent Dakota men to hang for crimes that were likely not commited by the Indigenous capitives. Four thousand settlers came to Mankato town square to see the Dakota men executed, and in the process, 2 other men were hung that day by “mistake” totaling 40 including an adopted white man. Their bodies were temporarily buried by the Minnesota River, (where Reconcilliation park now is) then their bodies were exhumed and sent various places for “scientific research”. This event is just an example of the hundreds of battles and injustices that took place accross the Western Hemisphere during the invasion of colonial forces. Till this day, Indigenous people of Turtle Island and elsewhere are continuing to fight for our ancestral homelands as we have always done.


Anti-colonial Land Defense

Locks Glued At Neo-Nazi Business

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

In the early hours of Christmas morning, Santa visited De Roma Art Glass. But Santa didn’t leave any presents, instead he super glued the locks.

De Roma Art Glass is owned by the most notorious neo-nazi in Minneapolis, Julius De Roma.

No holiday cheer for fascists.

Solidarity with all those fighting fascism and authority worldwide!

Commune Magazine Launch Party

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

Saturday, January 19th

Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave S

7:00 PM

The first issue of Commune Magazine is out! Join us for a celebration on January 19th at Boneshaker Books. Commune team members will introduce the project and lead a discussion.

This will be your first chance to get your hands on a print edition of the magazine in Minneapolis.

Commune is a popular magazine for a new era of revolution.

In the Open and Against the Reaction: Minneapolis Yellow Vest Solidarity Demonstration

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

On December 22, a small, but spirited, gilets jaunes (or yellow vests) demonstration took place outside of the Alliance Française of Minneapolis/St Paul, which acts as an honorary consulate where there is otherwise none located in the state. They were closed during their posted open hours, likely out of fear that the neon hot class hatred had spilled over the Atlantic and seeped its way into the great lakes. Sadly, we cannot currently fulfill this terrifying image, nor do we delude ourselves into thinking we can simply velcro on a yellow vest and “voilĂ ” what is felt there can be transposed and materialize here. We believe there is something at stake within the #giletsjaunes in France. The cracks in the mode of governing that is neoliberal capitalism find a response by the fragments, by the partisans vying for strength in its crisis, of which even the police as a party may even be counted. The situation has the potential to be answered in either revolutionary or reactionary terms. And thus, even if our contribution is primarily symbolic we aim to give strength to those who see in this (even the momentary) a dissolution of private property through looting and sharing, to build along lines of what is common despite difference rather than a desperate and false unity of nationalism, to destitute the police who seek to uphold an order which should in all respects be shattered.

The far right recognizes what is at stake as well. They have been attempting to use the gilets jaunes as a trojan horse to center nationalist anti-immigrant sentiment, making it appear pervasive within the movement. Piggy-backing off this movement, rallies in Canada and the US were called for this weekend. This put us on our toes, perhaps making us more discerning, though also less comfortable than at a demonstration where everyone who comes are those who are expected, more immediately legible. When several cars of the three percenter militia movement members showed up, one which was a minivan with don’t tread on me decals, a three percenter logo and a yellow vest taped to their back window made it immediately clear what side of this moment they were on. Despite one stubborn shithead, who kept foaming about Soros and other anti-semitic conspiracy theories, all of them were pushed out, shouted down and left dejected. One even was heard while leaving saying in dismay that “it’s over guys, antifa has taken over.”

Many of us were feeling a bit bored and about to call it a day before this confrontation, but the conflict energized the crowd who then decided to march through the streets chanting “tout le monde dĂ©teste la police” (everyone hates the police) and “gilet jaune, fuck Macron”, among others. We marched through the streets of the north loop of Minneapolis, a kind of desert filled with condos and boutiques with a banner at the front that read “loot the rich.” This went on until we were nearly run off the road by an enraged citizen, delayed for just a few moments of their hated commute, who then called the cops after they were punched and their car kicked while dangerously pushing their car through the crowd.

In the complexity of the situation currently taking place in France we do not deny that there are many elements that repulse and terrify us. However, we are much more terrified of a time, which could be not far from now, where we have ceded the terrain rather than contested the situation in all its mess. Revolutionaries looking only for a mirror of themselves stay home, we must fight in the open!

Long Live The Rojava Revolution

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

On December 19th, Trump announced the U.S. Military would withdraw from Syria. There have never been any illusions about the goals of U.S. presence in the region—their own geopolitical influence. However, their withdrawal will leave the Rojava territory vulnerable to further assault, particularly by the Erdoğan regime in Turkey.

Our support for the Rojava revolution is not blind. We are not devotees of Öcalan, nor did the de facto alliance with the U.S. sit well with us. Despite whatever misgivings about the struggle for liberation in Rojava, we recognize that our abstention from a messy conflict is the surest way to see the revolution wilt. If we wish to see autonomous ways of living take hold in Rojava—or anywhere—it is through our complicity with those doing just that, not denouncing an impure movement. Any heterogeneity will contain reactionary elements, disengagement will only serve to further marginalize ourselves.

Defend Rojava!

Long Live The Revolution!

Death To Fascism!

Death To All States!

Julius DeRoma Businesses And Home Flyered In Minneapolis

From Evict DeRoma

Over the weekend of December 8th, flyers were posted at multiple locations in Minneapolis warning of the presence of white supremacist landlord Julius DeRoma. DeRoma owns multiple businesses in the city and is landlord to many more. His businesses include Club Jäger in the North Loop and DeRoma Art Glass in Lyn-Lake. Flyers were posted at these locations, along with DeRoma’s house in southwest Minneapolis. Pictures are included below.

Julius DeRoma was outed as a white supremacist last year when news broke of his financial contribution to former KKK Grand Wizard and white supremacist politician David Duke’s 2016 Senate campaign in Louisiana. After DeRoma’s contribution to David Duke came to light, his bar Club Jäger saw employees quit en masse while performers cancelled shows, ultimately forcing it to close for several months. HUGE Improv and Legacy Glassworks, both renting properties from DeRoma, issued statements denouncing their landlord’s racism.

However, this year DeRoma reopened Club Jäger. He also quietly contributed money to Patrick Little, another virulent anti-semite who campaigned for a Senate seat in California this year, and who helped inspire the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter. It’s clear that DeRoma thinks he can continue to support white supremacists without consequence.

These flyers are a signal to DeRoma that his actions will indeed have lasting consequences. There is no tolerance for white supremacy in Minneapolis or anywhere else.


Anti-colonial Land Defense and Allies Stop Work at Enbridge Pipeline Site

From Earth First! Newswire

Anti-colonial Land Defense & members of Anonymous Twin Ports successfully shut down an ACTIVE Enbridge worksite today near Wawina MN, resulting with ALL Enbridge employees leaving the site, a total stoppage of ALL work, & NO arrests incurred! Pre-construction IS construction, so STOP ALL CONSTRUCTION on Line 3! Today we also adorned fluorescent yellow & orange work vests in solidarity with the rad folk in so-called France throwin’ down super hard as well!


We mess with Enbridge and their workers on a daily basis; it costs them money EVERY time we disrupt & EVERY time Enbridge or the police have to respond to us- even on integrity digs and old Line 3 work (this one near Wawina)…we say, “No business as usual,” & we won’t stop until Enbridge stops, we support a diversity of tactics, & today we are shutting down work & not with the intent of getting arrested, as it is NOT always necessary to be effective, but we recognize there are many levels & layers to tactic escalation…. the racist colonial prison industrial complex does not need to be fed with more POC (people of color), nor do we need to repetitively employ tactics that expend a lot of the struggle’s resources and only minimally stop construction or not at all. We believe we can be as effective in many ways, including resisting creatively, & staying free to roam & kick ass as long as possible… we positively weigh risk-ability over arrestability, but simultaneously stand in constant SOLIDARITY with all our comrades-regardless of tactics chosen- in our resistance against the destructive white supremacist colonial capitalist status quo! Everyone is needed as well as all the tools in the toolbox!

No Line 3!
No Pipelines, mines or other racist resource colonialism EVER!