Worldwide Solidarity for Toor

Olympia Memorial Graffiti – Love and Rage For Fallen Anarchist Comrade


From Puget Sound Anarchists

Queer, antifascist, Anarchist comrade toor passed away last week in Minnesota. Memorial graffiti was put up for them at the park across water from the port. toor lived their life in joyous rebellion against the state, capital and the US COLONIAL EMPIRE. They did not recognize borders and fought for the liberation of all stolen indigenous land of turtle island. May the spirit of toor inspire us to work with indigenous comrades to liberate all nisqually medicine Creek treety territory.

From Wisconsin, love for toor


Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

Graffiti in memory of toor.

Fuck every cop. Smash the patriarchy. Burn the prisons. Forget borders.

RIP toor.

– Some anarchists

Graffiti for Toor


Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

It took a few more days for the sad word on Toor to wind its way up through the Cascades and out onto the central west coast.  But when the news came it was clear that this little town of Ocean Falls in Heiltsuk territory needed a memorial to our fallen friend.

Here is the Martin Hotel, an ornate monstrosity from the mid twentieth century, built to host tourists that no longer visit, now host to an alder and swordfern forest creeping back over its walls.

Rest in power dear friend.

Every Dead Cop, For You


Anonymous submission to Conflict MN

the closer to death we become, the tighter we should hold onto our friends, and preemptively. tell your friends you love them, fight for them while living, take walks, take breaks, live dangerously, love dangerously. with each burned star we only get brighter, collectively it brings us together and creates worlds closer to those which we wish to embody. we are at war, and our casualties mean something to us in ways which don’t only seek revenge but are building blocks for brighter futures, better futures. we learn lessons, we move forward. let us not allow this passing to be in vain, but let us not allow ourselves to learn only from the demise of our friends. let us remember, now, to burn the world down together for the living.

every dead cop, every pipeline stopped, every ICE deportation halted, every house defended, every border ripped open, every heart full,

for toor, and for every fallen comrade,