To Those Mad, Sick, Crip Selves

From Triple Canopy

Thursday, March 8th

Third Rail Quarterly

1237 Fourth St NE

7:00 PM

Can we imagine a doctor-patient relationship based on collaboration and trust, on a more holistic view of the patient? How can we conceive of the care we give and receive from others as being enmeshed with our political futures? In their recently published epistolary essay, “Letter to a Young Doctor,” Johanna Hedva reminds us of the importance of “finding a way toward healing—which is to say finding the way that is healing—but also toward how political resistance might work, toward justice.”

For To Those Mad, Sick, Crip Selves, Hedva will read excerpts from “Letter to A Young Doctor,” which is part of This Earth Our Hospital, a book in progress that consists of a series of essays and performances meditating on the politics of sickness, disability, and healing. They will also read from their forthcoming novella, On Hell, which envisions the insurrectionary potential of the crip, queer, sick body. The reading will be followed by a discussion moderated by Triple Canopy senior editor Lara Mimosa Montes.