Pipeline Resistance Oct 2–4: An Update From Anti-Colonial Land Defense

From Earth First! Newswire

Anti-colonial Land Defense & many other individuals from different groups united as a gathering of Indigenous & non-indigenous Water Protectors to stop Enbridge pipeline Line 3 construction on the Fond Du Lac Ojibwe Reservation; we shut down work all day! 
A ceremony was led & held down by local Indigenous women elders in the center of the road by the worksite, in conjunction with a soft-blockade to keep Enbridge out of the worksite to cease & desist all construction.
 We gathered with action, prayer, signs & banners to protect sacred water, wild rice, air & all of Mother Earth’s creatures for the next seven generations!

We aimed to maintain & create a sacred & safer space whilst stopping Line 3 pipeline construction, & will continue to do so throughout this & other struggles!
 Pipelines, mines, & other large scale racist resource colonial extractive projects & industries also create working environments that aid & abet the ongoing crisis & epidemic of missing & murdered indigenous women, so we will always act to end these types of colonial industrial projects.
 Opposing Line 3 & taking direct action to stop this & other similar projects is paramount to the survival of humyns & all of the creatures on Mother Earth; we are asking you to join our collective resistance wherever you are on Turtle Island in the continuation of direct action to stop Line 3, KXL, Bayou Bridge, Back 40 Mine, MVP, Kindermorgan, etc.!

Anti-colonial Land Defense has an action camp coming up in the NW Lake Superior bioregion Oct.15th–18th that is a two-spirit, trans & womxn friendly action camp that prioritizes POC/indigenous comrades! We are open to collaborating with other vetted individuals & groups; please inquire with us more at:

Thank you, miigwech, & wopila for your support of direct action to stop Enbridge Line 3 & all of it’s similar & related affiliates, investors, & other racist resource colonial extractive industries!

We also want to take the time to make a radical shout out in solidarity with the brave, bold & effective actions taken by comrades in the Bayou Bridge pipeline struggle who successfully shut down pipeline construction by climbing a 50 ft. crane, & having two others lock down to construction equipment!

Water Protectors & Land Defenders of the Ginew collective who shut down the intersection by Wells Fargo in Minneapolis (Oct. 4th) as we blocked the entrance to construction in Fon Du Lac.

Land defenders and warriors from the Great Plains Resistance in so-called Manitoba also successfully disrupted & shut down Line 3 pipeline work today as well & stood with strong hearts to get in the

Comrades, we are with you & we feel the pain of the struggle all around us as the entire world is aflame, & you keep the fires lit inside each of us in all corners of Turtle Island resisting racist resource colonialism!

In Struggle for a better world against racist resource colonialism where grassroots Indigenous people continue to reclaim & protect their territories,

Anti-colonial Land Defense