Long Live The Rojava Revolution

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

On December 19th, Trump announced the U.S. Military would withdraw from Syria. There have never been any illusions about the goals of U.S. presence in the region—their own geopolitical influence. However, their withdrawal will leave the Rojava territory vulnerable to further assault, particularly by the Erdoğan regime in Turkey.

Our support for the Rojava revolution is not blind. We are not devotees of Öcalan, nor did the de facto alliance with the U.S. sit well with us. Despite whatever misgivings about the struggle for liberation in Rojava, we recognize that our abstention from a messy conflict is the surest way to see the revolution wilt. If we wish to see autonomous ways of living take hold in Rojava—or anywhere—it is through our complicity with those doing just that, not denouncing an impure movement. Any heterogeneity will contain reactionary elements, disengagement will only serve to further marginalize ourselves.

Defend Rojava!

Long Live The Revolution!

Death To Fascism!

Death To All States!