Indigenous Peoples’ Day Action Taken by Anti Colonial Land Defense

From Earth First! Newswire

On the early, crisp morning of Indigenous People’s Day, October 8th, 2018, a collective of Indigenous & non- Indigenous Water Protectors & Land Defenders took action against Enbridge Line 3 by order of some strong Ojibwe grandmother matriarchs.

A traditional Ojibwe Waganogan was erected as a prayer lodge in the midst of Line 3’s pipeline path: it serves as a gathering place for prayer & resistance to Line 3’s racist resource colonial existence & projects.

The main roads leading to Enbridge’s pipeline access roads were also blockaded with the intention to cease Enbridge work activity on or within the pipeline route itself & subsequent buffer zone.

We consider any and all Enbridge construction & affiliated work activity to be serious threats to our water, land, and air, in conjunction with trespassing on Indigenous Land.

We will continue to advocate for & take Direct Action to stop this genocidal destruction perpetrated by Enbridge!