Solidarity Rally With Spanish Anarchists

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Almost a year ago, the Spanish State began a campaign of repression against anarchists, arresting dozens, including nine in late October, and five more in November of this year. Their imprisonment is justified with the invention of a fictional terrorist group, the GAC-FAI-IRF. No attack has ever been claimed with this set of acronyms, and the GAC (Coordinated Anarchist Groups) are only the authors of a recent book, Contra la Democracia (eerily similar to the Tarnac Affair and The Coming Insurrection in France, 2008.)

On Saturday we will rally in solidarity with those arrested, at 6:00pm at the corner of E Lake St & Minnehaha Ave in Minneapolis.

More info here: Efecto Pandora


Bædan Reading Group

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota


Minnehaha Free Space

3747 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis

7:00 PM

Reading Bædan 1: Journal of Queer Nihilism.

From the journal:

If we can determine anything from our project of queer negativity, it is that capitalism has an unlimited capacity to tolerate and recuperate any alternative politics or artistic expression we could imagine. It is not a political negativity that we must locate in our queerness, but rather a vicious anti-politics which opposes any utopian dreams of a better future residing on the far side of a lifetime of sacrifice. Our queer negativity has nothing to do with art, but it has a great deal to do with urban insurrection, piracy, slave revolt: all those bodily struggles that refuse the future and pursue the irrationality of jouissance, enjoyment, rage, chaos. Ours is not the struggle for an alternative, because there is no alternative which can escape the ever-expanding horizons of capital. Instead we fight, hopeless, to tear our lives away from that expanding horizon and to erupt with wild enjoyment now. Anything less is our continued domestication to the rule of civilization.

To Our Friends Reading Group: September

Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

tofSEPTSeptember 10th – Chapter 6: “Our Only Homeland: Childhood”

September 17th – Chapter 7: “Omnia Sunt Communia”

September 24th – Chapter 6: “Today Libya, Tomorrow Wall St”

Minnehaha Free Space

3747 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis

7:00 PM

We will be reading each chapter aloud, although no one is obliged to speak. We would like to encourage pauses for discussion at any point.

Copies of the full text will be available, including plenty of extras to take with and distribute amongst friends and co-conspirators.

“[T]he collective lootings of Tottenham are a sufficient demonstration that one ceases to be poor as soon as one begins to get organized. There is a considerable difference between a mass of poor people and a mass of poor people determined to act together.


“Organizing has never meant affiliation with the same organization. Organizing is acting in accordance with a common perception, at whatever level that may be. Now, what is missing from the situation is not “people’s anger” or economic shortage, it’s not the good will of militants or the spread of critical consciousness, or even the proliferation of anarchist gestures. What we lack is a shared perception of the situation. Without this binding agent, gestures dissolve without a trace into nothingness, lives have the texture of dreams, and uprisings end up in schoolbooks.”

This reading group will be an attempt to develop this shared perception of the situation. We will be reading “To Our Friends” by the Invisible Committee, the infamous authors of “The Coming Insurrection” in 2007. More information on the book can be found here.